Unlike SEO, which aims to increase organic results, PPC (pay per click) advertising seeks to enhance revenue through paid ads. Though not an ideal option for some companies, PPC campaigns offer multiple benefits to businesses that can afford the expense. Our premier San Francisco SEO company works with small and medium-sized companies to develop result-driven PPC campaigns.

PPC Benefits

For companies with a healthy marketing budget, PPC advertising can produce marvelous results. Though only about 10% of clicks originate from a paid ad, many business owners agree that paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to increase online visibility and boost site traffic. Here are the top benefits of implementing a PPC advertising campaign.

  • Rapid results. Unlike waiting for SEO strategies to produce results, PPC campaigns attract new visitors to your site in a short period of time. After getting them to your website, the challenge becomes getting them to take action.
  • Easy to launch. SEO’s many strategies and checkpoints are overwhelming for some businesses. In comparison, PPC campaigns are relatively easy to launch and take less time.
  • Simple to monitor. Gathering metrics for a PPC campaign is much simpler than evaluating SEO metrics. Generally, PPC campaigns are monitored through an intuitive user interface that continuously collects pertinent campaign data.


The Cost of PPC Campaigns

What many California SEO companies won’t divulge is PPC advertising does require a financial investment above and beyond the service itself. For companies experiencing a season of financial constraint or start-ups without additional funds, PPC advertising may be more costly than it’s worth. Additionally, the following factors should be considered before attempting PPC campaign development:

  • Susceptible to high bidders. Because PPC campaigns cater to the highest bidder, it’s possible to be outdone by companies with a larger marketing budget. Even if you decide going after a particular keyword is worth the cost, a competitor may drive up the price.
  • Competitors may sabotage your campaign. Every time someone clicks on your company’s paid ad, you’re charged the dollar amount associated with that keyword. This leaves the proverbial door open for competitors to sabotage the results of your PPC campaign by repeatedly clicking your ad.
  • PPC can be affected by viruses. Viruses can be designed to mimic the appearance of a genuine search, thus affecting potential results from a PPC campaign.


Get Help from the PPC Pros

At California SEO Professionals, we’ve mastered the art of PPC campaign design. Our San Francisco SEO company has helped hundreds of companies, small and large, develop profitable PPC campaigns without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to discuss whether PPC advertising is right for your business, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.