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9 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

apps for entrepreneurs

Our phones are attached to us pretty much all the time, so it’s easy to get distracted.

But our phones can also be a necessary resource for great apps that save us time in our personal and our professional lives.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be swamped with managing your product, team, and everything that comes along with running a successful business.

So how can you be more productive while you’re struggling to find time to sit down and actually get work done?

There are plenty of apps for entrepreneurs in the App Store and Google Play store that can help you stay on track so you can accomplish your daily to-do list.

But how can you weed through all the options to find the best and most effective productivity apps for you?

Read on to see the nine must-have apps for entrepreneurs.

Apps for Entrepreneurs: Which one works for me?

1. Streaks

If you’re an entrepreneur who has way too much to do, and not enough time to do it, you’re in need of this app.

A routine is the best way to start, and this app helps you create one. You can type a maximum of six things that you can’t forget to do, and this app reminds you!

The more tasks you remember to do, Streaks will tell you how many days you have stayed on track.

This cool app is only $3.99, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you are having trouble staying on top of your tasks.

Once you’ve started using this app, your tasks will then turn into habits.

2. Telegram

Available for iOS, Android, and your desktop, this is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs.

The best part? It’s absolutely, 100% free!

This app works best for those of you who are trying to communicate with all of your teammates at once. You are able to create group messages to up to 5,000 people.

Telegram also gives you the option to send documents safely and securely through the app.

All your messages are encrypted, so any business information will be kept completely secret. There are no limits to the amount of messages or documents you send back and forth between teammates.

If you are looking to keep your correspondence in one, simple app, this is the app you have been looking for!

3. Dashlane Password Manager

One of the best apps for entrepreneurs is this handy program.

Social media, email, your computer log in all require passwords. Many of these programs ask that you change them frequently.

If you are an entrepreneur with more important things to do, you don’t have the time to constantly change passwords. This app keeps track of your passwords for you.

Having trouble creating a password with all the nonsense criteria it requires?

Dashlane helps create passwords for you so you no longer have to struggle through creating one again.

4. Producteev

Like its name states, this app will keep you productive! Chock full of cool features, you will actually enjoy working.

Like most apps for entrepreneurs, the app allows you to manage all of your projects, emails, and tasks across your business.

Your whole team will be able to see progress and updates within the app.

The app also includes an activity feed which gives you real-time updates to let you know which tasks need to be worked and which have been completed.

If your team is spread across time zones, you can add time zone based projects for easy access.

You can even color-code labels and deadlines if you’re a type-A personality who loves to color-code.

All of this productivity comes at a $0 price tag.

5. Boomerang

This app is the creme de la creme of apps for entrepreneurs!

Did you know in 2015 the average number of business emails sent per person was 125 emails sent per day? That’s crazy!

Most people have thousands of emails in their inbox that they spend time weeding through. That precious time could be spent doing something more productive.

Boomerang gives you the ability to hit the snooze button on your email.

Yes, we said it. You have the option to postpone your emails until you are ready to view them.

Aside from snoozing your emails, the app also gives you a real-time calendar, email scheduling, and reminders.

You can use this app whether you are using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.

The app is free, but you can upgrade to premium for only $4.99 a month.

6. TINYpulse

This is one of the must-have apps for entrepreneurs looking to manage employee engagement.

Recent studies show that positive practices in the work environment lead to more productive employees.

If you’re running your own business, you want to make sure your employees are happy in their work environment.

But if you’re a busy entrepreneur, you may struggle to find the time to fit this into your schedule.

Every week, the app sends a survey question to your employees. Employee answers are then distributed throughout your team.

The survey questions surround job satisfaction, and the app creates those questions itself.

So you literally don’t have to do anything until the results are calculated.

A neat feature in this app allows employees to recognize their teammates for excelling in a specific area that week.

You can also set goals, track performance, and receive frequent coachings through the app.

You’ll keep your employees happy without using any of your time to do so. You can try TINYpulse out for free.

7. Trello

Hello, Trello! Number seven on our must-have apps for entrepreneurs is a great tool for helping you multitask with your team.

You can create a board that allows you list tasks, schedule meetings, and let your team know what has been completed. For those who work better with a visual, this app is perfect for you.

Trello offers a great feature to incorporate apps that your team uses on to your boards. Known as “power-ups” these apps can assist with the board’s productivity.

Trello allows you to make comments on each project, or add attachments directly into the board itself.

Create boards associated with specific projects, or keep one board for each workday. Whatever you choose, Trello is able to organize your team’s workflow seamlessly.

8. Intercom

One of the coolest apps for entrepreneurs on this list, Intercom allows you to communicate directly with your customers.

As entrepreneurs, you know how important it is to interact with your customers.

Many new businesses or startups find themselves taking on customer service roles themselves, and for busy entrepreneurs, that takes up way too much of your time.

Apps like Intercom take some weight off your shoulders by incorporating all the work necessary for customer service into one software program.

The knowledge base product allows you to educate your customer without lifting a finger. It includes a public help center that allows your customers to search frequently asked questions in a database.

The help desk option gives you an all-in-one inbox that houses customer inquiries so you can easily assist. This option has an automated feature that allows you to respond with automated replies for frequent questions.

You can also delegate tasks to specific teammates automatically.

You can try this software for free for two weeks. Depending on how many people are using the software, the cost can start at $49 per month for 250 people.

9. SignEasy

Entrepreneurs are constantly signing documents. Do you wish you could sign all your documents in one, easy place?

This app can help you save time by doing just that.

Able to use either mobile or via desktop, SignEasy allows you to sign documents regardless of your location. You can easily send documents remotely to have them signed by others.

You can track the progress of the document, and set reminders directly within the app. You can remind yourself or other signers of a document that needs attention.

Don’t want to upload your document to yet another app? You don’t have to.

You can sign documents directly within the app.

With SignEasy you’re able to upload documents from your email or other applications if you’d prefer.

SignEasy is password and fingerprint protected so your documents are safe while using this app. Documents are encrypted so when you send the documents to another signer, you have no worries.

Another feature of SignEasy allows you to view and sign documents offline for easy access.

This app is free for the first 14-days. Afterward, you can choose which package you’d like to pay for. Plans start at $10 per month for the lowest Pro package.


As an entrepreneur, your time is precious. You may not have time to sign documents, delegate tasks, or focus on customer service.

We get it, which is why we created this list of the top nine must-have apps for entrepreneurs.

Incorporating these apps will free up your time so you can focus on running your successful business.

What are some additional apps that you would add to this list? Let us know via the comment section!


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