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Top 10 Benefits of PPC for Your Small Business

benefits of ppc

For a small business owner, competing with big brands can seem like an impossible feat.

On top of that, you have to consider that most entrepreneurs fail.

Sure, you could be the diamond in the rough, the one who beats all the odds and succeeds. Small steps, such as learning about SEO and constantly researching new marketing trends, can make a world of difference.

However, this could result in moving too slowly, producing little to no results in any significant kind of timeline, and effectively setting your company up for failure.

Luckily, there are many benefits of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing strategies.

PPC is exactly how it sounds. Basically, you pay when people view your content. The fee is small and can work out in the end if that link click generates a few hundred dollars in sales.

Got your attention? Good. Here are the top 10 benefits of PPC:

1. Fast Results

It’s important for small businesses to see results as fast as possible.

This is probably one of the major benefits of PPC. If a company develops an ad campaign and uses PPC ads, they can expect to see traffic coming to their site almost immediately.

It’s also beneficial because you are able to get time-sensitive information out to the public quickly. Examples of this would be sales, special events, or a limited number of specialty items.

Regardless of the reason for needing fast results, you can’t deny that they’re important and necessary for the survival of a small business.

2. Reach the Right Audience

While fast results are highly desirable and necessary, they don’t mean anything if you’re not reaching the right audience.

The right audience, of course, being your targeted customers.

PPC ads help ensure that your links appear to the customers you wish to target. It wouldn’t do you any good if you were selling driveway repair services and appeared in a search result for ear infections in infants.

A benefit of PPC campaigns is that this issue never happens. Your ads will only appear in the results that match your content. Thus, the right people see your content and click on it, which could turn into a potential sale.

3. Brand Recognition

By reaching the right audience, you also gain brand recognition. The more exposure you get, the more recognizable your brand is. The more recognizable it is, the more people trust your brand.

The trust from customers will increase conversions drastically.

PPC accomplishes brand recognition by allowing you to target specific keywords. This will help your ads appear anytime someone runs a search with those keywords in them.

Even though this doesn’t always result in clicks and sales, your brand does gain exposure.

The more your ads appear in search engines in relation to those keywords, the more people will begin to recognize your name. Over time, they will become interested in your products or services.

4. No Worrying about Algorithms

One of the downsides to SEO is the need to constantly stay on top of Google’s changes to their search algorithms.

And here comes another benefit of PPC!

PPC doesn’t rely upon search algorithms at all. They appear at the top of the search result page no matter what.

A successful and profitable PPC campaign means you don’t need to worry about the changes Google is making to their algorithm.

5. Real Measurable Results

Because PPC is aimed at targeted audiences, you obtain actual measurable results.

You know exactly how much your PPC campaign is costing you, and how much profit it generates.

And you get these results fast.

Like super fast.

When using Google Adwords tool in tandem with Google Analytics you’ll see detailed results concerning your PPC campaigns, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Other advertising campaigns like magazine adverts, billboard signs, and even well-written SEO articles don’t come with the precision tracking of traffic flow and conversions. Therefore, they don’t allow for an exact analysis of your budget.

It’s easy to determine if a PPC campaign is actually cost-effective, or if it is costing you more money to run than sales you make.

6. The Upperhand with an Edge

This is one of the more useful benefits of PCC.

It allows you to quickly take advantage of your market.

For instance, if a competitor suddenly has a technical problem and their website is down, you could run a targeted PPC campaign and give their angry customers another option.

This means you can effectively steal their customers or prospects.

PPC also allows you to piggyback on what a competitor is doing for their marketing strategy and use it to develop your own. The advantage comes in when your competitor is not using PPC, but you are.

7. Budget-Friendly Marketing Campaign

PPC is extremely budget-friendly as you’re only paying whenever your ad is clicked on.

This is a welcome difference from the former “outdated” cost per impression (CPM) models. Payment under the CPM model occurred when your ad or link had made 1000 impressions.

This made it extremely difficult to budget properly.

PPC is significantly different because you only pay when a person actually clicks on your ad not just looks at it.

The fee associated with PPC is usually fairly small, averaging around $10. Which when you think about it isn’t that much when you consider that click could turn into a sales worth a few hundred dollars.

Plus, if you decide that the PPC campaign is not worth, you can simply cancel it and cease payments.

8. Increase Your Local Customer Base

This is important, especially if you are a small local business owner.

People love to search for small businesses in their local area, and PPC can help them find yours.

By establishing a solid PPC campaign, you can ensure that local customers will find your business and learn about your services.

Basically, it all comes back to brand recognition, except in this case your targeting customers in your local area, instead of the Internet as a whole.

Not tapping into your local customer base could be detrimental to your small local business.

9. Use PPC to Test Your Marketing Strategies

One of the many benefits of PPC is the ability to test different marketing strategies at a low cost.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying out a new marketing strategy and playing with it for months only to find out it’s not working. In this case, you must start all over.

PPC doesn’t have this problem.

Because you receive results fast, you don’t have to worry about changes to search engine’s algorithms. Since it’s fairly cheap, you’re able to try different strategies without breaking the bank.

You only pay if someone clicks on the link. If a strategy isn’t that successful, it won’t cost you much.

The results are fast, allowing you to know within a few days to a week how well your marketing strategy is doing.

And best of all, if search engines change their algorithms two hours after you launch your new campaign, you’re not any worse for where.

PPC allows you to play around with your marketing strategies until you find the ones that actually work.

10. Enhanced Reporting and Functionality

PPC tools like Google Adwords and BingAds enable users to fully analyze their data and results.

Reporting is important. Without proper reports and tools to analyze them, you’re doing nothing more than flying a plane through the clouds with a blindfold on. In other words, you have no idea what’s going on with your marketing strategy, and therefore, no idea what is going on with your business.

Having a successful marketing strategy is only half the battle. You must also know how to analyze the data and the results it produces.

PPC allows this to happen with ease, detail, and a sense of satisfaction.

On top of producing reports and analysis, one of the benefits of PPC is that it can assist in collaboration with team members from all over the world.

Reap the Benefits of PPC

For small businesses, the benefits of PPC are insurmountable. This strategy allows for easy tracking of results and data for your marketing efforts while allowing for experimentation.

It’s cost effective so long as the reward outweighs the amount paid for link clicks.

Considering how fast it provides results, you’ll know right away if a strategy is working or not.

PPC can also greatly increase your brand recognition through targeted customers. It may also increase your local customer base if your business is local.

This form of marketing can give your small business the edge it needs to compete with bigger names, turning it into a thriving enterprise.

If you still have doubts about the benefits of PPC or wish to have our experts devise a strategy for you, contact us today!

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Top 10 Benefits of PPC for Your Small Business California SEO Professionals

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